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Yamnuska Mountain, photograph by Chuck Szmurlo

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Available Services

High Speed Internet

$65.00 per month

Home Phone

$30.00 per month

Bundled Phone and Internet

$80.00 per month

Bringing the Wireless World of Internet and Phone to Your Home

You will be able to

  • Pay bills and manage bank accounts online
  • Access educational resources: web libraries, online courses, homework help and more
  • Order movies and shop online at millions of stores
  • Put an end to expensive long-distance phone bills
  • Communicate with friends and family around the country and beyond

What you get

  • Affordable internet and telephone service in your home
  • High speed Internet - up to 5 Mbps
  • Unlimited calling to anywhere in North America
  • The answer to cellular reception issues
  • The use of a growing communications tower and wireless equipment network

High speed internet and phone service in your home from a Stoney Nation owned and operated business.


In partnership with WiBand